CSR Initiatives

Tara Chand Industries Ltd, the parent company of Pallavi Hotels & Resorts embarked upon its journey in the hospitality industry almost fifteen years ago and since then the company was vehement about serving the society. In its endeavour to become an organization serving masses in different ways, the group entered the hospitality sector with Pallavi Hotels & Resorts. Along with serving guests in innovative ways, the Pallavi Group keeps on conducting activities which are helpful in making our society a better place to live. The real happiness is in helping others and our group has experienced through the series of CSR activities.

Employment Opportunity to Differently Abled

Differently abled people form a very important segment of our society and demand every bit of our attention for their special abilities despite their shortcomings. Apart from sponsoring the education of a few differently abled students through NGOs, we at Pallavi have initiated a new program to provide employment opportunity to the deserving hearing impaired (deaf & dumb) candidates. The program is in its budding stages and has been running successfully at Pallavi aVIDA, Navi Mumbai. We aim to build on our differently-abled employee strength and seek to empower them to lead normal lives as is the right of every human on Planet Earth.

Installing Solar Energy & LED Lights

Pallavi is totally committed towards minimizing the consumption of the world’s depleting resources. In an effort to do so, we have ensured that all our new HOTELS ARE equipped with devices designed on the basis of Solar Heating Techniques. Furthermore, the use of LED lights has been extensively put into action at all the ventures of Pallavi Group. Only recently, all the Building Signage throughout Pallavi was replaced from Neon Tubes to LED Lights. Such initiatives are aimed to further realize our responsibility towards Mother Nature.